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A Peek Under the Hood of Runbook Automation

By Chris LopezApril 23, 2019

You never know how complicated your job is until you have to explain it to somebody. About two years ago, I was training my replacement and I realized how many…

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CLI Parsers: The Basic Unit of Automation

By Chris Lopez November 8, 2018

CLI parsers are specialized files that essentially tell your system the following: “for CLI output [X], here’s how to distinguish the important variables [Y] & [Z] from the rest of…

4 Advanced Use Cases for Automation with NetBrain

By Chris Lopez October 26, 2018

Last week, I discussed 6 of the most common use cases for automation that NetBrain customers have implemented in their networking environments. Using Runbooks, clients have been able to eliminate the overhead…

The Science of A/B Path Calculation

By Chris Lopez October 4, 2018

A/B Path behaves like a network engineer, logging into devices hop-by-hop to mimic the actual path of a packet along a network. It will consider policies, ACLs, routing tables, and…

See All Network Data on a Single Map — Without Clutter

By Steve Lamont September 12, 2018

NetBrain’s visualization and automation platform is built upon a foundation of deep, intelligent discovery. Using not only SNMP but also the CLI, as well as API integrations, NetBrain’s discovery engine…

Tackle Intermittent Problems with “Just in Time” Automation

By Steve Lamont July 11, 2018

If you’re like most network engineers, near the top of your list of Most Frustrating Tasks is trying to troubleshoot a problem that’s no longer in play. We’ve all been there:…

Network Troubleshooting: Using a Magnet to Find That Needle in a Haystack

By Steve Lamont July 9, 2018

According to recent Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) research, the average enterprise network management team spends 75% of its time troubleshooting problems. Specifically, they spend about 35% of their time firefighting…

Integrate Automated Validation Into Your Existing Change Management Workflow

By Steve Lamont June 27, 2018

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes, turn and face the strange, ch-ch-changes…                                              …

Wish You Had Been Here: Postcards from CiscoLive 2018

By Steve Lamont June 22, 2018

Last week, thousands of people attended CiscoLive US in Orlando – the premier event for network professionals around the globe. It was five days of intense learning, making new connections…

New Alliance Combines NetBrain Automation with Cisco TAC Expertise

By Jason Baudreau June 14, 2018

NetBrain and Cisco’s Connected Technical Assistance Center (TAC) program have teamed up in an exciting and innovative technology partnership that allows you to combine the power of NetBrain automation with the…

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