Automate the Resolution of Every Ticket

NetOps teams face 1,000s of tickets every day, but are still trying to resolve all these tickets using mostly manual methods. Trying to keep up is hampering their ability to not only maintain the network, but also address longer-term goals of improving the agility and performance of networks that have become even more mission-critical.

This whitepaper outlines a practical, scalable approach to NetOps automation for the purpose of continuous MTTR reduction. Learn more about:

  • The Transformation of NetOps
  • Challenges to Reducing MTTR
  • Automation to Resolve Every Ticket
  • The Lifecycle of an Incident

“It (NetBrain) allows you to troubleshoot way faster…The ability to represent everything end-to-end and then pull stats off of that makes it a powerful troubleshooting tool.”

– Paul Campbell, Network Consultant

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