A Solution for Transitioning to Cisco ACI

If you’re most network engineers, you probably have your Cisco ACI deployed alongside and in conjunction with your traditional infrastructure.

Making the transition to an application-centric approach is no small feat. You need to understand these new layers of abstraction (and their complex traffic flows) to manage them effectively, along with rest of the traditional network it connects to. Without the right tools, managing an evolving hybrid network can be a challenge.

This white paper presents a practical solution — available today — for making a smoother transition to a hybrid Cisco ACI environment by providing effective automation tools to improve your operational workflows and give you holistic “single pane of glass” visibility into the entire network.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Visualize both the ACI fabric and the traditional network as a single entity on the same Dynamic Map.
  • Decode and visualize the entire application footprint and its interconnections among underlay devices and apps.
  • Automatically map application flows traversing both the ACI fabric and traditional infrastructure.
  • Trigger automated diagnostics directly from an event detected by the APIC controller.

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