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NetBrain Personal Edition

Free Network Diagram and Troubleshooting Software


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NetBrain Personal Edition is the totally free version of NetBrain. It will let you discover up to 20 network devices and will never expire. With PE, you'll get the latest features of NetBrain Enterprise software.

NetBrain Product Comparison Table

NetBrain Personal Edition is intended for individual use. Enterprise Suite and Consultant Edition offer added capabilities and support for more network nodes (according to licensing).

Feature Description
Personal Edition
Consultant Edition
Enterprise Suite
Network Discovery
# of Network Devices Maximum number of discoverable routers, switches, firewalls, load balancers, and WAN optimizers 20 Unlimited
(according to license)
(according to license)
Multi-Vendor See a complete list of supported devices here
L2/L3 Discovery Automatically crawls the network and discovers MAC/ARP/Routing tables
Map via Config Files Import config files to create new L3 map
Recurring Benchmarks Automatically rediscovers the network to capture changes in topology, routing, etc.    
Dynamic Network Mapping
On-Demand Mapping Map from a network search or between two endpoints
Dynamic Zoom Zoom into the map for enhanced details
Network Design Analysis Design Reader logically analyzes and parses device configurations
Map Network Sites Hiearchy and Topology organization of network sites    
Update Maps Automatically Leverage recurring benchmarks to update network maps    
Visual Troubleshooting
Diagnostic Monitoring Visualize performance hotspots on a live network map
Troubleshooting Qapps Customized diagnoses through NetBrain Apps
NetFlow, IP Accounting, IPSLA Visualize NetFlow, IP Accounting, and IPSLA alongside a network map
Customizable Alarms Generate alarms when a measurement exceeds a defined threshold
Historical Analysis Leverage recurring benchmarks for comparative analysis    
Automate Documentation
Export Visio Diagrams Export any Qmap to a .vsd file
Export Asset Reports Export network database to a comprehensive inventory spreadsheet in .csv or Excel format
Export Design Reports Export network database to a comprehensive deisign document in MS Word
Adaptive Automation
Built-in Qapps Leverage hundreds of diagnostic and reporting capabilities
Qapp Programming Environment Customize your own troubleshooting and reporting logic
Qapp Exchange Leverage an online community for sharing Qapps
Change Management
Change Management Use a map to define the scope of network change  
Automatically Push Changes Deploy a pre-defined configuration template with one click  
Analyze Change Impact Leverage benchmark data to compare data before/after a network change  

To learn more about the capabilities of NetBrain's corporate products, visit the Enterprise Suite and Consultant Edition pages.

Be among the first to try NetBrain PE

By requesting early access, you will be among the first to access this powerful free tool. We will send you download instructions, before the product is publicly released.

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