Deep Network Discovery and Benchmark
Intelligence mining from the live network
1.1 Deep Network Discovery

NetBrain intelligence is built on top of its deep network discovery capability. Traditional discovery tools only find what you have in the network. NetBrain discovers both what you have (network devices) and how they are put together (network design). This is achieved by leveraging a patented neighbor-walking discovery engine combined with advanced network modeling. During the discovery process, NetBrain simultaneously analyzes data collected from SNMP and the CLI, and decodes network design every step along the way.

Often starting with the single input of a seed router, NetBrain’s discovery is powerful but still easy to use. Key features include:

  • Deep network discovery – output includes devices, topology and network design
  • Fastest in the industry – up to 2,000 routers, switches or firewalls per hour
  • Accurate – the algorithm ensures nearly 99% accuracy for discovering networked devices
  • Robust – capable of handling highly fragmented networks
Discovery Capabilities At-A-Glance
  • Simultaneous Discovery of Network Topology and Design
  • Extremely Fast Leveraging Neighbor-Walking Algorithm
  • Recurring Benchmark To Catch Network Changes
  • Model Network Without Live Access by Importing Configuration Files

Neighbor-walking Network Discovery in Action
1.2 Recurring Benchmark to Capture Network Changes

Network change is constant. NetBrain has two mechanisms in place to catch changes and ensure network intelligence is accurate and up-to-date:

  • Scheduled re-discovery will automatically detect newly added or removed devices.
  • Recurring benchmark will collect and analyze in-depth network data such as configuration files, routing tables, CAM tables and any CLI-command output to profile changes in network topology and design.
1.3 Model Virtual Networks by Importing Configuration Files and CLI Output

Under certain scenarios, users may have to work on a network that doesn’t exist yet (during the network design phase), or that they have no direct access to (e.g. a clients’ network for a consultant). NetBrain can model a virtual network and provide a map-driven work environment by:

  • Importing a set of configuration files of routers, switches and firewalls from most mainstream hardware vendors
  • Importing specific CLI-Command output to enhance the network model by adding L2 and Traffic Flow details

To analyze what-if scenarios, users may create a separate local workspace for each virtual network.

Dynamic Network Mapping
Create data-driven maps on-demand
Automation Procedures
Automate a wide range of tasks normally completed through the CLI.
Traffic Path Analysis
Visualize and analyze dynamic traffic paths across complex networks
Automated Network Documentation
Automate Visio, Excel and Word documentation with 'Data-Driven DCU'
Visual Monitoring & Automated Network Troubleshooting
NetBrain's 'Map-Driven PHD' troubleshooting methodology
Map-Driven Change Management (Add-on Module)
Safely execute and analyze network changes with ‘Map-Driven CAD’
Advanced Configuration and Routing Management
Manage configuration, routing, CLI commands
Network Design Analysis
Analyze network design such as routing, MPLS, etc.
NetBrain for Collaboration
Use NetBrain for design review, troubleshooting escalation and operational hand-over
Integration with Existing NMS Systems
Integrate NetBrain with other network management software
Scalability for large networks
Use multiple servers to load balance
How It Works
Dynamic Network Diagram
Adaptive Network Automation
Deep Application Flow Analysis
Automate Documentation
Visual Troubleshooting
Automate Network Change
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