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Managing your enterprise network infrastructure - routers, switches, firewalls, load balancers, and the like - can be a very time-consuming and manual process. NetBrain Enterprise Suite automates critical network tasks, such as documentation, troubleshooting diagnosis and change verification, saving critical time and preventing costly network outages.

NetBrain Enterprise Suite is highly scalable, leveraging one or more Workspace Servers to manage the data collected from the live network. Enterprise Suite uses these servers to schedule frequent benchmarks, which collects live data from the network and maintains a historical record which can be referenced during troubleshooting.

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Dynamic Network Mapping

For enterprise networks, static maps such as Visio diagrams, take a significant amount of effort to create and they can become obsolete quickly. Dynamic mapping is the next generation mapping automation technology, featuring:

  • Data-driven map automation – maps with rich details can be created instantly
  • On-demand map creation - each map is customized for the task at hand
  • Automatically updated – when the live network changes, maps can be updated accordingly

Data-Driven Mapping Automation

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Automated Network Documentation

To automate network documentation, NetBrain leverages a state-of-the-art discovery engine that discovers both network topology and the network design underneath. Any network change will be automatically captured by recurring discovery.

Network documentation is available in the following formats:

  • Diagrams in Visio format
  • Design documents in Word format
  • Inventory reports in Excel format

Automated Documentation in Visio, Word and Excel Format

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Map-Driven Network Troubleshooting

Instead of typing commands into the CLI to figure out what’s happening, you can troubleshoot complex network problems in a map-driven environment from beginning to end. With this unique map-driven troubleshooting tool, you can:

  • Map a problem area instantly through on-demand mapping technology
  • Visualize performance hotspots and up/down status directly through a color-coded dynamic map
  • Analyze what’s changed in topology, routing, configuration and traffic flow
  • Run Automation Procedures to immediately find errors and discrepancies

Visual Troubleshooting In Action

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Map-Driven Change Management (Add-on Module)

It is estimated that 3 out of 4 network outages are caused by changes. Analyzing the exact impact of any network change in a dynamic network can be challenging. With NetBrain’s Change Management Workflow, you can:

  • Define network changes with a template-driven approach
  • Automatically push configuration changes to multiple devices simultaneously
  • Analyze the impact of changes by comparing configuration and routing before and after the update
  • Automatically document the results including impacted devices, configuration changes, time stamps, and much more.

With the integrated change management workflow, you can fix any issues inside the change window before outages occur.

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Easy to Use

While NetBrain has over 1,000 features, all are intuitive and easy to use because they are map-driven. There is no need for formal training before users can take advantage of the mapping, troubleshooting and change assurance features. NetBrain is easy to setup as well. Typically, setup can be completed by end users within an hour or two.

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Scalable for Very Large Networks

NetBrain is designed to handle very large networks with tens of thousands of routers, switches and firewalls. Scalability is achieved by intelligent distribution of computing resources among client workstations and enterprise server(s).

Large Network Overview

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Enterprise Edition Deployment Diagram

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