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Managing your enterprise network infrastructure - routers, switches, firewalls, load balancers, and the like - can be a very time-consuming and manual process. NetBrain Enterprise Suite automates critical network tasks, such as documentation, troubleshooting diagnosis and change verification, saving critical time and preventing costly network outages.

NetBrain Enterprise Suite is highly scalable, leveraging one or more Workspace Servers to manage the data collected from the live network. Enterprise Suite uses these servers to schedule frequent benchmarks, which collects live data from the network and maintains a historical record which can be referenced during troubleshooting.

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Deep Network Discovery Deep Network Discovery

NetBrain discovers both what you have (network devices) and how they are put together (network design). This is achieved through a patented neighbor-walking discovery engine combined with advanced network modeling. During the discovery process, NetBrain simultaneously analyzes data collected from SNMP and the CLI, and decodes network design every step along the way.

Often starting with a single seed router, NetBrain’s easy to use discovery feature is extremely powerful and offers:

  • Deep Discovery - Output includes inventory, topology and network design
  • Fastest in the Industry - Up to 2,000 network devices per hour
  • Accurate - Nearly 99% accuracy for discovering networked devices
  • Robust - Capable of discovering highly fragmented networks
Deep Network Discovery
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Dynamic Network Mapping Dynamic Network Mapping

A dynamic map is data-driven and fully automated. It represents a technological breakthrough in network documentation.

With much more fidelity and detail than typical 'static' documentation, dynamic maps have many advantages:

  • Data-Driven - All data embedded in the map is automatically collected by the system
  • On-Demand Creation - Simple user input is used to output highly customized diagrams
  • Up-to-Date - When network changes occur, maps update dynamically
  • Beyond a Diagram - Dynamic maps are the launching pad for automating network tasks

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Dynamic Network Mapping
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Automated Documentation Automated Documentation

Several types of documentation can be exported from NetBrain. The inventory, design, and topology data embedded within a dynamic diagram is used to create asset reports, design documents, and Visio diagrams with one-click:

  • Network Diagrams in MS Visio
  • Design Documents in MS Word
  • Inventory Reports in MS Excel

When the live network changes, NetBrain's benchmark engine will capture those changes and update its backend data model. Users can then automatically update the exported documents.

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Visual Monitoring Visual Monitoring

Visual network monitoring is different from traditional SNMP network monitoring. It uses a dynamic map to display performance statistics and advanced diagnostic parameters. There are over a dozen monitoring profiles built-in to accelerate troubleshooting for a variety of network issues. Leveraging SNMP polling and NetBrain's Qapps, network data is correlated to display faults and errors on devices and interfaces. Sample monitoring profiles include:

  • Overall Health Check - Displays live bandwidth as well CPU/memory utilization, delay, and more
  • Interface Diagnosis - Displays interface errors and configuration discrepancies on the map
  • Multicasting Diagnosis - Maps multicasting trees and displays live multicasting packets on the map
  • QoS Diagnosis - Displays relevant QoS configuration and packet drops on the map
  • Routing Diagnosis - Displays routing protocol and routing neighbor status and adjacencies
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Adaptive Automation Adaptive Automation

No out-of-the-box network solution can comprehensively handle every unique network or network task. That's why NetBrain's automation features are 100% customizable - to adapt not only to your unique network, but also to all of your network tasks. Through NetBrain's visual programming environment, users can develop Qapps to collect and correlate network data and report the results directly on the map. This is possible without any scripting.

Leverage Qapps to:

  • Troubleshoot Faster - Program a procedure to detect configuration discrepancies or incrementing interface errors
  • Test and Verify - Program a procedure to test reachability to and from every device in the network
  • Automate Compliance - Program a procedure to detect vulnerabilities in device configurations
  • Collect Detailed Inventory - Program a procedure to collect detailed device attributes and display them on the map

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Automation Procedures
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Change Management Change Management

Reports show that roughly half of all network outages are caused by a network change. That's because a change can have a domino effect on the network, which is hard to detect. NetBrain not only automates network changes, but also helps analyze the effect the changes had on the rest of the network. With NetBrain's Change Management Module, you can:

  • Define Network Changes with a template-driven approach
  • Automatically Deploy Changes to multiple devices with a single click
  • Analyze the Impact of Changes by comparing configuration, routing, and more between pre and post-change snapshots
  • Automatically Document the Changes with one-click Word documentation to capture the entire change history

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Change Management
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Traffic Path Analysis Traffic Path Analysis

Networks are designed to move traffic from point A to point B. NetBrain allows you to visualize and analyze these dynamic traffic paths across complex networks taking into account:

  • Dynamic and Static Routing
  • Network Address Translation (NAT)
  • Firewalls
  • DMVPN, MPLS, etc.

In order to map between two endpoints, just specify the IP addresses or hostnames at each end, NetBrain will leverage live gateway and routing information on each device to determine the path of the traffic. Dynamic layer-3 or layer-2 diagrams can even be created from historical benchmark data to help visualize changes in traffic.

Traffic Path Analysis
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Historical Analysis Historical Analysis

Often, to understand what's wrong, it helps to understand what’s changed. NetBrain captures scheduled snapshots of the network, called benchmarks, to build a catalog of historical data. With benchmark data, engineers can look back in time to see changes in:

  • Configuration
  • Routing
  • Inventory
  • CDP/ARP/MAC/Spanning-Tree

Changes can quickly be highlighted and visualized on the map.

Historical Analysis
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Routing & Design Analysis Routing & Design Analysis

Network design is often embedded inside millions of lines of configuration files. NetBrain parses device configurations and intelligently analyzes network design. The design is intelligently organized and presented on a dynamic diagram to help reduce design complexities. Examples of supported design analysis include:

  • Dynamic Routing Protocols such as BGP, OSPF, EIGRP, ISIS, and RIP
  • Multicasting Design such as PIM-SM, PIM-DM, etc.
  • MPLS VRF Design
  • Over 100 Typical Designs based on customizable design templates (e.g. QoS, VoIP, Security, etc.)
Routing & Design Analysis
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Highly Scalable Highly Scalable

NetBrain is designed to handle very large networks with tens of thousands of network nodes and hundreds of concurrent users. This scalability is achieved by intelligent distribution of computing resources among client workstations and enterprise server(s):

  • Multiple network servers to distribute the load
  • Network Sites to visualize and organize very large networks
  • Multiple Workspaces for very large networks
  • Local Workspaces for design tasks
Highly Scalable

Deployment Diagram:

Highly Scalable

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