Consultant Edition

NetBrain Consultant Edition

Instantly Discover, Analyze, and Document Customer Networks


Network consultants hold the most demanding network job in the world. They often work under tight schedules to analyze new networks with limited documentation while relying on customized scripts to gather data.

NetBrain Consultant Edition (CE) is designed to make a consultant's job easier by providing instant network discovery, document automation, and visual troubleshooting.

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Discover and Document Networks Automatically

NetBrain leverages a state-of-the-art discovery engine which can discover network devices and underlying design simultaneously. The discovery engine is extremely fast and 99% accurate, providing a complex data model of the network.

Once a customer network is discovered, consultants can carry out many forms of network analysis from a map-driven environment. The results can be documented automatically in three main formats:

  • Diagrams in Visio format
  • Design documents in Word format
  • Inventory reports in Excel format

In certain scenarios where consultants have no live access to the customer network, NetBrain can still function by importing network configuration files and/or show-command output from network devices including routers, switches and firewalls from most major vendors.

Automate Network Documentation for Network Assessments

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Visual Workbench for On-The-Go Consultants

NetBrain enables consultants to:

  • Carry out deep discovery of the customer networks
  • Automate documentation for network assessments
  • Analyze network design visually
  • Automatically troubleshoot and collect data without custom scripts

In short, NetBrain’s visual workbench allows consultants to complete network assessment tasks much faster and with much more accuracy.

Visual Workbench for Network Consultants

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Map-Driven Automation

Network consultants often rely on scripts to collect network data and troubleshoot problems. Such scripts can be complex and difficult to maintain. With NetBrain, consultants can automate data collection of any CLI commands across many devices instead of relying on scripts.

Map-driven automation can help consultants verify the impact of network changes by performing a benchmark of the network before and after making a change and then comparing the two sets of data automatically.

Use Dynamic Map to Retrieve Live Data Automatically

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Highly Portable

Network consultants need a portable solution they can easily connect to their customer's networks. Consultant Edition is a single software download and installs on any Windows PC. For best discovery results, make sure the PC running NetBrain has telnet/SSH and SNMP access to routers, switches and firewalls on the network.

Dynamic Network Mapping

Consultant Edition Deployment Diagram

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