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How to Document My Design?

Step 1 » Map the Network

Map the relevant network by drag-and-drop devices to a map, and then connect all devices by “Auto Link” context menu. Or, you can define a device group for these devices and then do “Map Device Group” on the map.  

Step 2 » Highlight the Design

Highlight your design on the map, e.g. IGP routing protocol, BGP neighbors, MPLS vrf, multicasting mode, etc. And you can view device’s configuration via Design Reader, save the important configuration let into map as device’s note.

Step 3 » Document the Design

Click the “Document” button in the map’s floating menu and build an automated design document in Word format.

You can customize the document content template as you need:

Then you can get a word format document easily, including topology map, routing summary, configuration let, etc. Here are some examples of the content:

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