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Collaborate via NetBrain Map?

Step 1 » Use Map to Describe a Task

Build a map with automation for a task like troubleshooting escalation, design review, Operational handover, Share best practices, etc.

Step 2 » Embed Customer Data into Map

Add notes or embed external documents into maps and share them with peers.

NetBrain map can hold and manage the benchmarked network data, e.g. configuration files, routing tables, and any show-command results.

Select the device group in workspace pane, and click the Map menu. A level 3 map is created automatically.  Add some comments as you need.

Step 3 » Validate and Update a Map Received

When opening a map, click the “Validate >> Highlight Change” button to annotate any changes.  Click the “Update Map” button to redraw the map based on new workspace data.

*Items with the grey color have been changed in the live network

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