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Why is network slow?

Step 1 » Calculate a Traffic Path for an Application

Enter the source and destination IP address in the “Traffic Path” area in Home view. Click the Find Path button to calculate the application path

Step 2 » MAP the Traffic Path on the Map

After calculation, the traffic path will then be drawn to the map automatically.

Step 3 » Monitor Devices that on the Traffic Path

Click Monitor button from the map floating bar to start monitoring CPU/Memory utilization of every device on the map as well as the traffic and utilization of each link.

An alarm will be triggered if utilization is above the threshold set beforehand, and the result label will be highlighted as red to indicate this trigger.  Note in the map above, CPU utilization of NB_Core and BJ_POP are both overloaded, and so is the traffic flow of BST_Core’s interface s0.2.

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