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Plan Network Migration?

Step 1 » Map the Existing Network

Search devices to be modified and drag them into a map.  Right-click the map’s “Auto Link” menu to connect all devices.

Step 2 » Model the Future Network by Importing Configuration Files

Drag new or modified device configuration files into a map to model and visualize the future network.

Step 3 » Document the Design

Click the “Document” button in the map’s floating menu and build an automated design document in Word format.

You can highlight routing on the map, or add some comments.

You can export this map to Visio by clicking the “Export to Visio” button easily.

Step 4 » Discover L2 Topology

Discover all LAN topology by the context menu “Discover L2 Topology” of the previous level 3 map, all LAN segments will be populated to LAN discovery dialog automatically.

Step 5 » Map Switch Groups & Servers

Select the switch group in the target data center from L2 Topology pane, and click the Map menu.  Selectively extend servers off the switches.

Note that routing entry “” doesn’t show up in “After Change” folder.

Step 6 » Create Visio Diagrams and Inventory Reports

Click “Export to Visio” and “Document” buttons in “Home” ribbon bar to create Visio diagrams and Word format inventory report for the L3 and L2 maps. Click “Asset Report” button in “Workspace”   ribbon bar to create Excel (CSV) format inventory reports.

Sample inventory report:

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