NetBrain's comprehensive network management products are used across numerous industries including the Healthcare, Financial Services, Government, and Telecommunications industries. A partial list of our customers can be found below.

Customer Testimonials

NetBrain helps customers to resolve network outages faster, and overcome human error during network modification. It manages the world's largest financial network with over 5,000 routers, switches and firewalls. Here's what some of our customers have to say about NetBrain Workstation:

"When I have to troubleshoot without it, it is like troubleshooting in the dark."

Michael Micheletti, Network Support Engineer

"NetBrain has been frequently used and embraced as an advanced troubleshooting tool that is used for more difficult or high level issues. Along with the topology representation, intuitive interface, and the troubleshooting guidelines, it provides an excellent graphical tool that the GSOC uses to monitor specific network issues in real-time..."

Larry Fegan, Director of Global Service Operation Center

"We had zero major outages for three large network migrations using NetBrain."

Sam Shen, Network Manager

"Netbrain has been very useful and is one of the main tools I use every day. It makes troubleshooting problems much easier and faster..."

Jonathan Edwards, Network Engineer

"I think Netbrain is the best tool that has come through the GSOC since I've been here. The biggest advantage is the time it saves in troubleshooting a problem..."

Pamela Matsis Team Lead (Network Support)

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